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Legal translation is a specialty area of translation that requires thorough knowledge of the French and US legal systems and solid legal drafting skills. If you require superior quality legal translations of documents that reflect both content and legal style, then it is in your interest to go to a specially trained and experienced legal translator. If quality is as important to your business as time, then you need to turn to an expert with a proven track record and recognized credentials.

We, at Fields’ Legal Translating and Interpreting Service, provide true and accurate translations in US or French legal drafting style of all documents including corporate filings, corporate by-laws and articles of incorporation, any and all types of contracts, legal opinions, board and shareholders' meeting minutes, affidavits and letters, etc.

We recognize that filing, application or other deadlines are not set by our clients, and we strive to help you meet those deadlines. Our aim is to deliver fast service that gives clients value. But we will never sacrifice quality for time.

If you would like to receive a quote for the translation of any legal documents, simply forward them to us (in any format) and we will promptly provide you with our quote. Use or online quote service. It’s easy, fast and free.

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